The Turkmen-English dictionary is now available in flashcard format for language learning. Search for sets of cards here:


You can also download smartphone apps for Android and/or iOS and use the flashcards there.

Already there are many interesting sites in the Turkmen language. Here a link for some of them:

Dictionary: http://turkmen.webonary.org/

Dictionary App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=webonary.turkmen.org

Chat, video clips, music etc.: turkmencafe.com

Music: turkmenmusic.com

Music: dutar.com

Wiktionary: Wiktionary.org

History: taryh.8m.com

Education: tmolympiad.org

Linguistics: enedilim.com

Social Networking: teswirler.com

Blog: ertir.com

Holy Scriptures: h ttp://yashayysh-daragty.com

Online dictionary: http://www.translateturkmen.com/en/dictionary-turkmen-english